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European Business Assembly (EBA) is an independent corporation of economic, social and humanitarian collaboration and was founded in Oxford, UK in 2000.


EBA is an interactive platform for adapting European economic programs to the standards of living in dynamically developing regions.


It follows in its activity the directives of the European Union and EU programmes “Good-neighbourliness” and “Eastern partnership”.


strategic partners and members of eba 


John Nettin is a well known British expert in market analysis and re-engineering and has been the head of EBA for a number of years. The main mission of the institutions and representative offices of EBA (and its strategic partners) is to form a positive image of the regions, companies and certain personalities in the European business community.


Intellectual, organizing and juridical structures of EBA are based on the leading potential of national elite integrated in the influential international social institutions:


ICL – The International Club of Leaders. The president is Paul Briggs, UK. ICL is the association of top managers from the leading companies of the world, category “middle”.
CRE – The Club of Rectors of Europe.CRE is the association of rectors, lecturers and scientists of the largest universities and academic centres of Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa.
OGMV – Knight Order of Great Master La Valetta, Great Master – Professor John Nettin, UK. A monastic order of leaders in various spheres of social life promoting festivities of universal values, humanity and sponsorship.


Informal social institutions EBA have more than 10000 leaders in various spheres of life. They play an important part in the development of Euro-Atlantic integration, transfer of technologies and know-how, democratization of dynamically developing regions.

EBA systematically holds global and specialized forums, conferences, business meetings and efficiently uses other information resources. It uses this information and forms a world register of efficient leading companies and regions attractive for investments.  

Business structures and dynamically developing regions selected according to statistic data, recommendations of analytical, sociological, informational, advertising, rating and PR- agencies, and also according to the results of the international and national contests of professional achievements receive a further consulting, marketing and legal support from the leading firms of Europe.  


The strategic partners and members of EBA:


  • Fulfils prompt monitoring and prognostication investment risks.
  • Work out, promote and implement the projects of social and economic development of companies, cities and regions.
  • Consult top-managers and city managers on the questions of managing the projects of development.
  • Form a register of socially meaningful projects and send financial resources of their members to realize them in the following spheres: managing regions, health protection, environment protection, education.
  • By means of international ratings and contests stimulate professional activities of politicians, diplomats, scientists to raise social life standards.

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