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Posted on 05 September 2013.
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‘Education: excellence and innovation’

Open to: Universities, colleges, business schools and other educational institutions.


‘Best lecturer’

Open to: University teachers and the teachers of other higher educational institutions.


‘Best scientist’

Open to: Academics, graduate students, scholars, and researchers of universities and educational institutions.


‘Best student’

Open to: Students from higher education institutions.


‘Best innovative project’

Open to: Projects, innovative initiatives and recent developments of university academic and research centres.


‘Best educational textbook’

Open to: The following materials are accepted in the competition: books, coursebooks, book set created individually or jointly by the institution’s officials.


’Best university library’

Open to: University or other institutional libraries only.


'Best academic website’

Open to: Internet university websites where information is accessible for assessment during the competition. Websites with advertising of non-educational purposes will not be considered.


‘Best university motto’

Open to: Educational institutions, business schools and colleges.


Best campus sm‘Best campus’

Open to: The campuses of universities, colleges and other higher education institutions.





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