‘Best educational textbook’

Posted on 04 September 2013.
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The following materials are accepted in the competition: 

  • Books
  • Coursebooks
  • A book set created individually or jointly by the institution’s officials.


Books can be on the following topics:

  • Accountancy, finance and insurance
  • Architecture, construction, building and surveying
  • Business, MBA and management
  • Computer science and IT
  • Economics
  • Education and teaching
  • Health and medicine
  • Languages
  • Law and LLM
  • Retailing and marketing
  • Social science
  • Tourism, leisure and hospitality
  • Visual and creative arts
  • Dictionaries


The entrants should:

  • submit their entry no later than 15 November 2013;
  • include their name, academic degree, work place, the name of the book and its focus, the date of publishing and the volume of the edition;
  • provide one copy of the book (postal address: 2 Woodins Way, Oxford, OX1 1HF) to be included in the express exhibition: ‘Science and Education. Oxford Summit Fair’; and provide an electronic promotional version of the book cover to be displayed on the online exhibition.


Please send all information to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any further questions please contact Catherine Sanders at the same email address.


The winner for this category will be decided in accordance with the following criteria:

  • The material links technical terms to relevant experiences that develop the idea as the term is used.
  • The material restricts the use of technical terms to those needed to communicate intelligibly about key ideas.
  • The material provides a sequence of questions or tasks in which the complexity progressively increases.
  • The material includes questions, tasks or activities that are likely to help students progress from their initial ideas.
  • The content is accurate and in agreement with the latest research available.
  • Interdisciplinary connections are clear in the material, which approaches
  • the discipline as a whole (connects to other disciplines).
  • The material is organized into units, modules or other structures, so that students have sufficient time to explore and investigate major ideas indepth.
  • The level of readability is appropriate for students in terms of page design, illustrations, clear organization of objectives, headings, length of chapters, and vocabulary.
  • Assignments are relevant to students, developmentally appropriate, visually appealing and include progress reviews on a regular basis. 


Click here to download the Entry Form for ‘Best educational textbook’ 

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