‘Best innovative project’

Posted on 04 September 2013.
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The contest is open to:

 Projects, innovative initiatives and recent developments of university academic and research centres, which have market potential as well as implementation potential in the following areas:

  • innovative technologies in education;

  • IT technologies;

  • nanotechnologies, nanomaterials and nanosystems;

  • energy-saving technologies;

  • recycling technologies;

  • biotechnology;

  • the food industry; and

  • environmental security.


The entrants should:

  • submit their entry no later than 15 November 2013;

  • provide clear information describing how the key achievements of the innovative project fit the competition criteria, and also provide a practical demonstration of the project in a film (up to 3 minutes) –the project description (up to 10 pages) should contain:

  • goals and objectives of the project;

  • scientific innovation and an innovative aspect of the project;

  • a brief description of the project;

  • key achievements;

  • an adoption algorithm; and

  • a project illustration


Please send all information to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any further questions please contact Catherine Sanders at the same email address.


The winner for this award will be decided in accordance with the following criteria:

    • the innovative, exemplary or collaborative nature of the project;

    • the impact of the work, with evidence of demonstrable progress or success;

    • the stage of project development;

    • the scientific and technical originality of the project presented;

    • the innovative and unique design, and project description;

    • the level of experience of the team of developers;

    • evidence of interdisciplinary science as well as collaboration between the scientific industry and academia;

    • the nature of the work and the challenges involved;

    • the social significance of the project;

    • the outlook for its wider introduction; and

    • the use of environmentally friendly technologies. 


Click here to download the Entry Form for ‘Best innovative project’ 

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