Mr. Kuchimanchi

Academic title, degree: Ph. D
Fields of science: Agriculture, Live Stock & Pharma
Country: INDIA
Position: CEO & MD

Dr. KVSS SAIRAM (Dr SAIRAM) borne on 7th January 1967 and did his master degree in Environmental Engineering & Technology. Dr SAIRAM diD his two MBA degrees specialization in “Business management” & “Project Management”.
Dr. SAIRAM has been honored with Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) by an International University in Business Management for his contribution to the society by taking corrective measures to protect Ecology. Dr. SAIRAM is a life member in various prestigious organizations like “Indian Institute of Environment - Mumbai, Association of Carbohydrate Chemists & Technologies – India, All India Bio Technology Association – India., Management Studies Promotion Institute - New Delhi and Dr. SAIRAM is a visiting Faculty for few Universities/ Institutes and Board member (Board of studies) in various Institutes including CBIT & CMR Group. Dr. SAIRAM served few industries to gain commendable industrial experience of“8” years in basic and detailed process engineering areas from manufacturing companies before establishing his ownBio – Technology company –“Prathista Industries Limited”(ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 certified company) in 1995 which is now Prathista Group., a Indian based MNC., providing employment for above 500 ++ employees in Nalgonda District in Telangana State. Dr. SAIRAM is successful entrepreneur as “CEO & MD” and effectively managing day to day operationsof the company ( its vertical growth Globally.
Dr. SAIRAMso far received “99” honors / awards including two national awards from President of India and three international awards for his contribution to the“Research & Development” and for inventing innovative ecology protecting products in India for the first time in the globe. For Dr. SAIRAM“Research & Development” is passion and established Govt of India recognized In-House R&D; center during 1996.
Achievements in 2014:
Prathista Industries Ltd has entered licensing agreement with Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) for commercialization of nano nutrients which are developed by ICAR under NAIP program for the first time in the Globe.
Prathista is the first company to commercialize the ICAR nano nutrients innovative technology in record time of six months.
The following are new inversions with nano technology under technical collaboration with ICAR:
1. Prathista Potash promoted as replacement with MoP with nano nutrient ICAR technology.
2. Prathista Phosphate promoted as replacement for DAPwith nano nutrient ICAR technology.
3. Prathista Megacal promoting as secondary nutrients fertilizer with Ca / Mg / S & other other secondary nutrients with nano nutrients ICAR technology.
4. Prathista Aishwarya - NPK & other nutrients under INM program with all nano nutrients ICAR technology.
5. Prathista Zinc with nano zinc with ICAR collaboration and is being promoted.
For the first time in the globe Prathista producing these products based on mycelium (bio mass) from fermentation process as carrier material (un like bentonite or any other old dated carrier materials) and by using these Agri inputs products like humic acid / amino acids or sea weed extracts can be avoided to reduce in put costing for poor farmer).