Vladimir Lopatin

Academic title, degree: Doctor of Juridical Science (2000), Third Degree State Justice Counselor, Professor
Fields of science: Intellectual property, information law
Country: Russian Federation
Institution: National Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property (NSRIIP)
Position: Director

Vladimir Nikolayevich Lopatin – the Doctor of Laws, the Professor and is the author of seven scientific concepts in the sphere of state-building, national security, information law and Intellectual Property that are being implemented nowadays in Russia and in a number of CIS countries. Being an outstanding legal scholar he contributed significantly to the establishment of a new branch of law – the Information law. More than 20 years Lopatin has been practising the scientific development of the information security problems:1998 – the author`s development concept of legislation in the information security sphere was approved in the State Duma; in the Interparliamentary Assembly of CIS he prepared 5 model laws adopted, including “On Personal Data” and the Appeal to the prevention of information war on which there were adopted several resolutions in the UN General Assembly. Provisions of the information security theory being elaborated by him were embodied in the Information Security Doctrine of the RF, in federal laws “On the State Secret”, “On Commercial Secrets”, “On Protection of Children from Information Harmful to their Health and Development”. He is the author and scientific advisor of more than 10 international and All-Russian projects, including: the concept of the rights realisation of State on the Intellectual Property objects in the field of science and technology on the basis of which the model law IPA CIS was passed; the annual report “On the State of the Legal Safeguard, Use and Protection of Intellectual Property”, the annual International Forum “The Innovation Development through the Market of Intellectual Prope
Achievements in 2014:
In 2005 at the initiative and upon the project of V.N. Lopatin by the joint decision of the Chairman of the AC of the RF S.V. Stepashin and the President of the RF CCI E.M. Primakov with the participation of RAS RSRIIP was established. For ten years the Institute being the first and the only scientific non-governmental and non-profit organisation in Russia in the sphere of Intellectual Property has united eminent scientists in its structure and has been successfully implementing a unique innovation project on the formation of the private-public partnership, where the co-founder is:
• The International Association of Intellectual Property Institutes;
• RSRIIP Corporation of Intellectual Property;
• National Technical Committee on Standardisation “Intellectual Property” TC– 481;
• CIS International Centre for Nanotechnology;
• The Arbitration Court of Intellectual Property;
• Association for Forensic Examination of Intellectual Property;
• Scientific-practical journals.
Located in: Social Sciences