Temerkhan Berdimuratov

Academic title, degree: PhD in Psychology
Fields of science: Psychology
Country: Kazakhstan
Institution: Kazakh-Russian International University
Position: President

Dr. Temerkhan Baibosynovich Berdimuratov is the President and founder of Kazakh-Russian International University, Aktobe, Kazakhstan. The University was established in February 1994. Dr. Temerkhan Berdimruatov is Professor, PhD in Psychology, Doctor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management, and Academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan.
The scientist was the developer and co-executor (among scientists, Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan) fundamental research on the State budget program 014 "Applied Scientific Research in the Field of Education" on the topic "Development of scientific and methodological bases of professional training of the adult population in the area of inclusive education" (Almaty: APSK Aktobe: KRIU, 2007). He is the developer of R & D in such areas of scientific problems as Experimental model of generative design classes based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming to achieve higher system-level modeling of behavior and activities in addressing educational tasks (Aktobe: KRIU, 2009), Cross-disciplinary model of a student-centered educational system of effective thinking and students behavior on the basis of methods of Neuro Linguistic Programming (Aktobe, KRIU, 2011), as well as the developer of grant project of Ministry of Education and Sciences of RK in a scientific direction "Intelligent systems and Technologies" on the topic: Using innovative psychotechnology in the modern educational system (Aktobe KRIU, 2013).
Dr. Temerkhan Berdimuratov is Professor of International University in Moscow, a corresponding member of International Academy of Acmeological Sciences (the science of professionalism activity), (St. Petersburg, Russia, 1997), member of the World Council of Psychotherapists (Vienna, Austria, 2002), Academic Advisor for the preparation of graduate and doctoral students majoring in Psychology at European University (Montreux, Switzerland), a member of the Club of Rectors of Europe (2012).
Achievements in 2014:
Author’s pedagogical simulator – GPS navigator for teacher and students on mastering pedagogic and scholastic skills of “Cross-disciplinary model of pedagogical technology of student-centered educational system of effective thinking and behavior of students based on the methods of neuro - linguistic programming” Author’s pedagogical simulator – GPS navigator is a unit of electronic devices and didactic tools applied to them to master the pedagogic skills through multiple repetitions and corrections of behavior and thinking of a teacher and a student in an integrated computer – didactic environment, consisting of: Electronic educational edition; Video surveillance of a teacher’s actions; Video surveillance of an individual student’s actions; Video surveillance of the whole study group’s actions; Observation charts (for the observation of actions of a teacher); Observation charts (for the observation of actions of an individual student); Observation charts (for the observation of actions of the whole study group); TMC; TMC (NLP); Tracks of correction stages; A time-study film.
In total, electronic devices (video surveillance webcams up to 15 units), computers (9 units), as well as didactic handbooks and tools (electronic educational edition, observation charts, correctional charts, reference and information charts, etc.) allow the teacher and the student to master the pedagogical skills faster and more efficiently by means of the TMC operator’s correctional actions.


Located in: Social Sciences