Dogan Ibrahim

Academic title, degree: Professor Dr., PhD
Fields of science: Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Country: Cyprus
Institution: Near East University
Position: Lecturer

Prof Dr Dogan Ibrahim was born in Cyprus. He graduated from the Salford University (UK) with first class Honours in Electronics. He then completed an MSc course in Automatic Control engineering at the Manchester University (UK), and a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the City University (UK).
Prof Ibrahim worked at many industrial organization at senior positions. He is the author of over 70 technical books published by famous international publishers, such as John Wiley & Sons, Newnes, Butterworth-Heinemann, and Elektor. Most of his books are used by undergraduate students all over the world to support their studies, and by postgraduate students in their research work. Prof Ibrahim published over 200 technical papers in technical journals and magazines. He has also attended to many international conferences and symposiums and presented technical papers.
Prof Ibrahim's interests are in microcontroller based control and design, robotics, and digital signal processing. He has been the Head of Computer Engineering department for over 10 years, and the Head of Biomedical Engineering department.
Achievements in 2014:
The contestant is currently a Professor at the Near East University in Nicosia. Up to now he has published over 70 technical books and over 200 technical articles in journals and magazines, and have attended and presented papers in many technical national and international conferences.
BOOKS PUBLISHED (2014) ------------------------------------
1. D. Ibrahim., (2014). PIC Microcontroller Projects in C: Basic to Advanced 660 pages Published by: NEWNES
2. D. Ibrahim., (2014). Raspberry Pi: Hardware Projects 290 pages Published by: Elektor
3. Dogan Ibrahim., (2014). Raspberry Pi Advanced Programming 358 pages Published by: Elektor
4. D. Ibrahim & O. Nevzat 76 pages Published by: Lambert Academic Publishing
TECHNICAL ARTICLES (2014) -----------------------------------------
1. Dogan Ibrahim Using the Raspberry Pi Computer in Automation Applications ELECTRONICS WORLD Volume: 120 Issue: 1941 Pages: 22-26 Published: SEP 2014
2. Dogan Ibrahim Liquid-Level Sensors ELECTRONICS WORLD Volume: 120 Issue: 1940 Pages: 30-+ , AUG 2014
3. Dogan Ibrahim A new approach for teaching microcontroller courses to undergraduate students Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, Vol:131, 411-14
4. R. Abiyev, N. Akkaya, E. Aytac, D. Ibrahim Behavioural Tree Based Control for Efficient Navigation of Holonomic Robots INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION Vol: 29 Issue: 1, 44-57
Located in: Technical Sciences