Alexandr Teslenko

Academic title, degree: Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Dr. of Sociology
Fields of science: Pedagogy, social psychology, sociology of youth
Country: Republic of Kazakhstan
Institution: KAZGGU Univercity, Astana
Position: Professor

Teslenko Alexandr Nikolaevich – professor of the Department of Social & Psychological Disciplines at KazGUU Higher school of economics in Astana city.
Professor Teslenko graduated from Tselinograd State Pedagogical Institute in 1991 year, than in 1998 – Almaty State University named Abay with candidate degree in Pedagogy (Ph.D).
In 2005 he was conferred the title of ‘Doctor of Pedagogy’ [equivalent to attainment of Professorial status in the UK system] at the Almaty State University named Abay (Almaty).
In 1997 he was conferred the title of “Doctor of Sociology” at Saratov State Technological University. He was ‘The Best Higher Educator - 2007’ in Kazakhstan and founded the Center of Youth Research, which he is currently leading.
Since 2011 he is Professor of the Department of Social & Psychological Disciplines at KazGUU.
He works mainly in the field of youth studies, but with a very broad focus. He has publications on youth socialization, youth (sub)cultures and deviations, ethnic and religious identities.
Achievements in 2014:
in collective monographs– 2;
in scientific journals– 7;
in conference collections – 5;
teaching literature– 6.
Participation in competitions of teaching and scientific literature - 3 (the 1-st place).
Scientific guidance of magistrate thesis on specialization‘Psychology and pedagogy' (Kokshetau: KUAM, 2014) - 5 .
Organized as chairman of organizational committee International youth scientific and practical conference “Changing youth in changing world: look inside” (Astana: KAZGGU, 21-22.04.2014)
Courses of increase qualification: Eastern Mediterranean University (4-17.07.2014), Istanbul European Institute (Dubai, 21-29.11.2014), Seminar on Thomson Reuters resource (27.10.2014), Myrzahmetov Kokchetau University, 9-20. 9.2014)


Located in: Social Sciences