Myrzatay Buleshov

Academic title, degree: Professor, Doctor of medical Sciences
Fields of science: Public health and healthcare
Country: Republic of Kazakhstan
Institution: South-Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy
Position: Head of the Department of Public Healthcare

1971-1978 y.- Almaty State Medical Institute,
1986-1989 y.- Postgraduate,1992 y.- PhD in specialized Council at the Russian State Medical University,
2002 y.- Doctor of medical Sciences,
2003 y.- The title of Professor in the specialty of "Medicine".
1.2011 y. and at the present time Head of the Department of "public health and healthcare" at South-Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy.
2.2006 y. served as the Director of the southern regional Department of the National Centre for problems of healthy lifestyle.
3.1995 y.- senior lecturer, associate Professor.
4.1990-1994 y.- senior lecturer, head of the medicine Department at Pedagogical Institute of Physical Culture, in Shymkent.
5.1978-1990 y.- doctor of Badam rural health area, precinct doctor-therapist of the Shymkent city polyclinic, doctor-therapist of medical shopfloor area of medico-sanitary unit"Phosphorus", the chief doctor of the medical-sanitary unit, inspector of therapeutic sector of the regional health Department of South Kazakhstan, the Chairman of the regional society of International Committee of the Red Cross.
International and public activities:
Collaboration with Mercer University (USA).
The member of the people's Democratic Party "Nur Otan".
The member Of the Association "Kazakhstan Kazhylar Odagy".
The member of the editorial board of the scientific-practical journal "Vestnik of SouthKazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy".
The Chairman of the Cyclic Methodical Commission in theoretical subjects SKSPA.
The member of the United Dissertation Council 09.19.02 at the Higher School of Public Health, Ministry of Education and Science of the RK, Almaty.
Expert of the oversight Committee in the field of frames and science certification Ministry of Education and Science.
The Chairman of the problem Commission.
He was awarded the badge "Excellence in healthcare of Republic of Kazakhstan" in 2003 and the title "Best teacher of the University of Republic of Kazakhstan " in 2012.
Achievements in 2014:
1. Scientific adviser and consultant for over 27 masters.
2. Scientific adviser 1 PhD-doctoral.
3. More than 45 scientific publications.
4. One textbook on the hygiene of children and adolescents.
5. Two scientific research projects.


Located in: Medical Sciences