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Posted on 23 March 2015.
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Innovation Technologies
For 'Green Economy' within the EXPO 2017



Abdigapar S.E.- Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Natural Sciences of Kazakhstan, Academic of the International Academy of Informatization. 

The Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Chairman of the Consortium "SuluNur" Head of Section 7, System concepts and applications mobile phone +77079982150; email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
National programs for technological innovation foresight are currently engaged in more than 40 countries. Over the last 10 - 15 years of technological foresight became indispensable instrument for all developed countries and authoritative international organizations, the European Union (EU), Organization (UNIDO), and others.

The main strategic goal for all developed countries is the beginning of the practical transformation of the entire industrial sphere of the state to the right direction of the Green Economy.
 Fundamentally important for our Consortium is that the domestic innovations for the Green Economy has now become a national priority that will form on the basis of the national idea for the population, planetary guide and additional examples to encourage people of the world this way.

The main strategic objective of modeling systems and processes in the economy and in business, using IT technologies, innovation presentation of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the World EXPO 2017 (hereinafter EXPO 2017) is the process of full implementation of mandatory resource-energy-saving "green" technologies to local enterprises in each region of the country.

Even the embodiment of the individual fragments of simulation systems and processes in the technological aspects can and should constantly develop in time and space as a scientific and technical progress. "... The theme of EXPO 2017 reflects the most current problem for humanity of rational use of energy resources, and its decision to become a strategic priority for many countries.

Underlying themes are addressing a global scale, such as lack of access to electricity and reduce poorness. The world needs new ways of development - "Green" economy and ecologically safe development. Kazakhstan, despite the rich sources of raw materials for energy production, shared with other countries, common interests and aspirations. Risks of depletion of traditional energy sources are great, and the consequences of their use are harmful to the environment.




Led technology and Objects


This is what is dictated by the desire of Kazakhstan to gather the international community for collective thinking at the international exhibition.

For residents of Kazakhstan EXPO 2017 will be a clear practical example of the implementation of the national - significant tasks prescribed as priorities in the programs of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In this case, all regions of Kazakhstan will have to adequately compete with each other for the most complete positioning and vision development of their regions, including in the form of the "green" technologies and industries in each territory.

The main goals and objectives of the project modeling "Alnur." (The below proposals presented by the authors in the original).

The main aim of the current project proposal implemented in a formal concept of the EXPO is the semantic content of the Kazakhstan exhibition pavilion complex, which should be reflected current and foresight (prospective) the state of the basic branches of industry, based on developing innovative green technologies and industries represented by each region (area) countries. In order to create a system modeling in economics and business, with the use of IT technologies and presentation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on innovation EXPO 2017 and prepared a project proposal "Alnur" for the Kazakh part of the exhibition.

The task of modeling the processes of innovation is to create a mechanism adapted to illustrate the implementation of "green technologies" into existing and future regional production, with mandatory reflection of the prospects for innovation and industrial development of the country. The creation of new knowledge-intensive industries in each region at the expense of compulsory execution tasks set out in the framework of EXPO 2017, and in accordance with the state program of regional development of the Republic of Kazakhstan


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