The Open International Competitions Committee announces results

Stasy Brown
Posted on 03 July 2015.
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The On-line voting results, including contestants' research and the Expert Council conclusions, have evaluated by the Competition Committee in order to determine the competition laureates.


The winners of the Open International Competitions were announced on the 1st of July in the framework of the ‘International Excellence in Quality’ International Forum in Montreux, Switzerland.



The Laureates are:





‘Scientist of the Year’ Open Competition:

In the ‘Humanities’ category


For the History of law and government, law of Rome, comparative law, history of liberal movement in Kazakhstan in XIX - XX centuries’ field: 

img Kudaubergenov


Kuandyk Kudaibergenov

Head of Methodical Center

'Turan' college

Republic of Kazakhstan



In the 'Technical Sciences' category


For the ‘The architecture of buildings and structures' field:


Marat Kuderin

Dean of the faculty of Architecture and Construction Engineering

S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University

Republic of Kazakhstan




In the 'Social Sciences' category


For the 'Macroeconomic policies, Economics of innovations, Global and regional' field:

img Niznegorodzev1


Robert Nizhegorodtsev

Chief of Laboratory of Economic Dynamics and Control for Innovations

Institute for Control Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences

Russian Federation



For the 'Pedagogy, social psychology, sociology of youth' field:

img Teslenko


Alexandr Teslenko


KAZGGU University

Republic of Kazakhstan



For the 'Psychology' field:


Temerkhan Berdimuratov


Kazakh-Russian International University

Republic of Kazakhstan



In the 'Medical Sciences' category


For the ' Public health and healthcare' field:

img Untitled-1


Myrzatay Buleshov

Head of the Department of Public Healthcare

South-Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy

Republic of Kazakhstan




‘Science and Education’ Open Competition:

In the ‘Innovative Project of the Year’ category


For ‘Multiple Segment Applications like Agriculture, Pharma & Livestock’ field:

thumb Annexure - II B Logo of Vaishnavi Bio Tech Limited



Innovator: Surya Narayana Murthy Kuchimanchi





For ‘Multiple Organic acids based Chelated Nutritional Supplements’ field:

thumb Annexure - II B Prathista logo



Innovator: Dr. KVSS SAIRAM





'Stars of Medicine, Healthcare and Wellness Tourism'Open Competition:

In the ‘Medical Tourism: Innovation of the Year’ category


img LOGOTi Sana Detox Retreat & Spa




Our greatest congratulations to our winners!

The Competition is still ongoing! To become a contestant please register here: and win!

Stasy Brown

Author: Stasy Brown

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