Speakers. Oxford Summit of Leaders 2014

Posted on 30 May 2014.
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Tricia Alegra Jenkins MBE

Director, International Centre for Excellence in Educational Opportunities, The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Speech title: 'Children as change agents in the evolution of higher education'

Tricia Alegra Jenkins MBE is an innovative educator with a growing international profile.  She is the Director of the International Centre for Excellence in Educational Opportunities at the University of Liverpool, where she has worked for nearly 30 years. As President of the European Children’s Universities Network and Principal Investigator  of the Mobilising Mutual Learning Action Plan - SiS Catalyst: Children as Change Agents for Science and Society, she travels extensively promoting the concept of social inclusion and institutional change  through the active learning, from and with children. At the heart of her work is the belief that we have a growing imperative to accept our role as custodians of the future of our children, as well as that of our planet earth.


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