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Posted on 17 July 2014.
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Tricia Alegra Jenkins MBE

Director, International Centre for Excellence in Educational Opportunities, The University of Liverpool, UK


'Children as change agents in the evolution of higher education'

We are living in a time of transformation. The current priorities of economic growth, competitiveness and productivity are unsustainable, and we have to start taking global responsibility by accepting that our actions of today impact the future. Technology is developing exponentially and we are now able to operate in virtual as well as physical worlds, and our challenge is to find ways of collectively prospering in both. Where and how knowledge is creating is also changing, and universities, as the traditional space of knowledge creation are facing a process of rapid evolution.
A radical and fundamental approach to the management of this change is now required as universities evolve into learning institutions that are value based in their mission, teaching, research, operations and public empowerment and that prepare students for a socially just and sustainable future.
This presentation explores how universities can incorporate the values of children in the co-creation of knowledge. Children's Universities have the potential to be vehicles for institutional change by enabling the voices and opinions of children to be systematically included in the development of research as well as policy and practice. This is the knowledge that we need for the future, our children's future.


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