Speakers. Oxford Summit of Leaders 2014

Posted on 17 June 2014.
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ChouSir. Dr Linjie Chou

Secretary of International Affairs, Imperial House of Montenegro, ‘Cernetic’, Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Speech title: ‘Royal charter for the educational institutions and companies’

Cernetic is also known in other modern or historical versions, such as Carnojevic (in Serbia), Cernovic (in Russia and Romania), Cernetic (in Italy, Slovenia and Austria), Cernovichio (in medieval Italy), Csernovics (in Hungary).

The Crnojevics, using different surnames or nicknames and according to extensive research and documentation, are part of the Angelos /Comnenos/ Palaiologos/ Scanderbeg group of interrelated families of the extended Imperial Byzantine family.

The Imperial House Cernetic today maintains also close relationships with the Savoy, Due Sicily and Grimaldi Family. In order to keep the legacy and history alive, We can confer the nobility/chivalry titles and royal charters for those persons and organizations have achieved high-level accomplishments in developing the economy, culture and societies. 



Author: Serge

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