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Posted on 30 May 2014.
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Vjeran Buselic
Senior Lecturer/ICT Career Counselor, Polytechnic of Zagreb, Croatia
Speech title: 'Helping students succeed. Using all means...'

Vjeran Buselic, Senior Lecturer,experienced ICT professional with more than 30 years of active field work is providing such services for all students interested in career in ICT.
Vjeran is respected member of Croatian ICT community,co-founder of Microsoft Croatia subsidiary, recognized contributor of national ICT competiveness, awarded for community contribution with national Croatian Information Technology Association “PlaketaInformatika” in 2009.
Working as a Lecturer, yearly “producing” new, ICT professionals make him very valuable in business community resulting with more than 1500 contacts on personal Linkedin profile.
Apart from individual counseling services and monthly group forum, he made a huge difference by mentoring and guiding Student Union in organizing biggest Mobile Development Training and Competition – TVZ MC2 (Mobile Code Challenge) with huge impact on Croatian student, university and ICT community.


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