Speakers. Oxford Summit of Leaders 2014

Posted on 30 May 2014.
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Prof. Garry Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer, World University Consortium, World Academy of Art & Science, Napa, CA, USA

Moderator and Speaker, Case No.1

Speech title: 'University of the Future: Catalyst for Social Development and Evolution' 

Garry Jacobs’ activities as a social scientist and management consultant focus on formulation of a theoretical framework for the process of human development and applied strategies to accelerate it at the level of society, organizations and individuals. As CEO of  World Academy of Art & Science, he co-chairs a trans-disciplinary project on New Paradigm for Human-centred Development addressing pressing challenges confronting humanity today. As Chair of the Board and CEO of World University Consortium, he is engaged in efforts to develop a new paradigm for global higher education, including trans-disciplinary social science courses, delivery systems and pedagogy. New Economic Theory is the core theme of Cadmus Journal, of which he is editor, and of his work as a member of the Club of Rome. A Napa, Californian, for the past 40 years, he has been engaged in research at The Mother’s Service Society, India where he is currently Vice-President. He is also Distinguished Professor of Trans-disciplinary Studies at Person-Centered Approach Institute, Italy, an institution founded by world-renowned psychologist Carl Rogers.


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