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Posted on 30 July 2014.
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Bhanujoy Dash

Sylhet City Corporation, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Speech title: ’The Role of Modern Science (IT) in Global Education System’ 

Mr. Bhanujoy Dash is a social worker and friend of slum dwellers, less fortunate villagers, agriculturist, fisheries and a business entrepreneur. He helps clients of city corporations to solve immediate problems or demands of respected civil citizens of Sylhet city corporation areas and maintain the accounts related all important day to day tasks.
He is 43 years of old , he got married with Mrs. Mitali Rani Purkayestha and has a son Aryan Arjo who is eight years of old.
I’m the owner of an Agricultural firm and fisheries named SABUJ CHAYA AGRO AND FISHERIES. This firm produces green vegetables, rice, plantations and fresh fishes for human consumption. I got into this line of business in the year 2008.
I would like to serve for the peoples of less fortunate’s villagers and to encourage the friends around the globe and always love to see the people’s peace, progress, happiness and prosperities from all over the world.
I’m a proud son of my beloved father Mr. Anil Chandra Dash and Mrs. Hasi Rani Dash for which contribution I became a general human being. I believe that “God likes them those likes their parents”.
I think of myself as a learner of Business and Science that leads me for a continued path of education of the local and international Universities as a result I did my MBA (Master of Business Administration) in the area of Marketing in the year 2014 from North East University Bangladesh (NEUB). Prior to that degree I achieved BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) from Bangladesh Open University and English language program “ELPC” English Language Proficiency Certificate – obtained from SUST (Shahjalal University of Science and Technology).
The things I love most in life are making new friends from different communities in the global arena and to share the modern business innovational and educational ideas among themselves.




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