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Posted on 30 May 2014.
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Prof. Dr. Valeria Mikhalevich

Leading Research Officer, Zoological Institute Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg State LETI University, Doctor of Sciences, Corresponding-member of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature, St. Petersburg, Russia

Speech title: ‘Role of scientist associations in scientific research and education: the Russian experience’

Professor V.I. Mikhalevich is a protozoologist, a micropaleontologist, and Corresponding Member of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature (EASAL).
She was elected to an Honorary Fellowship of the International Scientific Society “Grzybowski Foundation”, where she co-chairs the International Working Group on Foraminiferal Classification (IWGFC).
She is a Member of EURO SCIENCE, actively participating in ESOF meetings, in Munich, 2006 she was an organizer of the ESOF seminar (the only organizer of seminar from Russia at this Forum).
She is also involved in membership and activity in SPASS (St. Petersburgian Association of Scientists and Scolars – nongovernment association founded in 1989), All-Russian Paleontological Society
and several other scientific societies, is a member of the two Scientific Councils in Russia.
Along with her scientific studies she also is teaching literature in St. Petersburg State LETI University.
She belongs to the Union of Writers of St. Petersburg and to Union of Writers of Russia.
She also is a member of “Memorial” and took part in the yearly “Marches against Hatred” (2004 – 2012).
Her important contributions are both to science (the four monographs and about 300 articles, all published in established Russian and international scientific editions) and literature (14 books of her own poetry and translations of poetry, including the 2004 year edition of Sacha Abercorn poems and 2012 year book of Seamus Heaney poems).
She also focuses her activity in popularization of scientific knowledge in TV and broadcasting programs, schools, etc.
Her awards are also in both fields of her activity: Russian Academy of Science Award – 2002, Grzybowski Foundation Award – 2006, Zabolotsky Award – 2007, Woman of the Year in Science in St. Petersburg – 2009, and the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature Award – 2012, and some others.


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