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Posted on 30 May 2014.
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Prof. David Raskin

St. Petersburg State University, Russian State Historical Archive (RGIA), Russia

David Raskin is a professor of St. Petersburg State University and Chief of Department of Scientific Publications of RGIA. 

He is an author of about 300 scientific publications, including 28 manuals, monographs and collections of documents in established Russian and international scientific editions. He focuses his interests in the following fields: socio-economic history of Russia in XVIII – early XX c.,
the problems of nationalities in Russia, history of political organizations, estates, and other political institutions of the Russian Empire, history of non-government societies of Russia, history of public education in Russia of XIX – early XXc., history of Russian science, theory, methodology and history of archival administration and publication of documents used as a source for history, sociology of recent public organizations and movements in Russia. D. Raskin is a creator of one of the first archival databases in Russia.
He is a Member of SPASS (St. Petersburgian Association of Scholars and Scientists = St. Petersburgian Union of Scientists) (since 1990 y.) and is repeatedly elected into its government bodies. Now he is a Secretary of its Scientific Council and deputy of chairmen of its board of management.
At present he also is a member of:
St-Petersburgian Council of Scientific Society of Historians and Archivists.
St-Petersburgian Department of the Russian Association Rendering Science
Scientific (Dissertation) Council of St-Petersburgian Institute of History of Russian Academy of Sciences
Scientific Council of Russian State Historical Archive (RGIA).
He is an author of the 3 books of poetry and poetry publications in “Zvezda”, “Novyj Mir”,
“Grani”, “Krestchatic” and other literary journals, a member of:
Union of Writers of St-Petersburg, (at present he is a member of the Council of this Union),
Union of Writers of Russia
Russian Pen-Center of the International Pen-Club
Editorial board of the antifascist journal “Challenge” (“Barrier”) (and he is one of its constant authors).
Editorial board of the journal “On theWay of knowledge” (edited by SPASS).
D. Raskin took an active part in creation of the “Memorial” society, as well as in creation of the club of the Petersburgian intellectuals “Leningrad (Petersburg) Tribune” (1990 – 1991), a member of the public movement “For Russia without Racism”, yearly “Marches against Hatred” (2004 – 2012). Being a Member of the National Minorities Rights Group in SPASS, after the murder of the founder and the leader of this SPASS group Nikolaj Girenko, he permanently takes part as a scientific expert in legal fight against racism and neonazism, appeared repeatedly as an expert in the court sessions and made scientific examinations for the law-enforcement agencies.



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