Ti Sana Detox Retreat & Spa

Information about the Organization:
Ti Sana’s Healtheatarian programme rises from the need to merge scientific research (science-based evidence medicine) with the holistic world of alternative medicine, which sees the whole human body as an interconnected system of health. The Healtheatarian nutritional program at Ti Sana is unique because it does not consider all human beings to be identical This is why Ti Sana does not prescribe the same standard food regimes, supplements, physical activities and treatments to each individual guest. Ti Sana’s programs allow guests to revitalize the body from the damage inflicted by our modern lifestyle and help to prevent the absorption and accumulation of toxins. Ti Sana offers programs in Lifestyle management to teach us how to improve our quality of life and slow down the ageing process. Thanks to sophisticated diagnostic systems, Ti Sana’s experts are able to recognize the effects that the wrong choices we make in our daily lives have on the body. Due to the nature of the personalized treatments on offer, improvements in health are closely monitored by the team at Ti Sana.
Information about the Head of the Organization:
Erica D'Angelo's motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world”; she created Ti Sana. She spent her life in searching the perfect formula to be in shape and the word “welfare” was crucial for her. She wanted to understand the true essence and recreate a place in which to provide the world with a point of reference propose that a genuine solution and customized to achieve a state of heightened sense of happiness. Ti Sana’s her … is her way of being and her world view. She loves to make people feel good and she could not help but not a day to be at the head of this wonderful team that is committed body and soul to ensure so that every guest at Ti Sana is happy.
Сontribution to the medical tourism development:
We have developed a new lifestyle called Healtheatarian, to prevent the development of all chronic diseases.
Results are amazing: significant decrease of the risk of cardiovascular disease (up to 50%), a reduction in Type II diabetes (up to 58%), average body weight loss of 3%, average loss of 6,6% of fat mass and 7,2% of visceral adipose tissue (AAT), at Ti Sana 85% of guests lose fat mass and insignificant free fat mass whilst maintaining and developing muscles tissue.
We teach people how to be healtheatarians; we share with our guests huge amounts of infos (the most precious good nowadays). We show to our guests how to easily improve their lifestyle at home, in everyday life. Being Healtheatarian means having a balanced lifestyle and preventive towards all chronic degenerative diseases, based on the integration of scientific knowledge about nutrition, physical activity and through self-knowledge. Provide a teaching of Lifestyle Management, living daily without and medically unexplained symptoms, and with an optimum level of energy.