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Posted on 19 November 2013.
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education University Banking 05University of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kyiv

Dr. Prof. Tamara Smovzhenko, Rector 



education University Banking 01The University of banking of the National Bank of Ukraine (Kyiv) (hereinafter – the University) is a higher educational establishment of the IV-th level of accreditation (the highest level on the national scale), which is a part (department) of the National Bank of Ukraine. The University of banking is a unique, specialized institution which offers qualitative economic education and prepares specialists for the National Bank of Ukraine, commercial banks and other financial establishments. 

The University consists of five institutes, 10 faculties, 38 departments, which enrolled more than 4.5 thousands undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students.
It has more than 70 years of experience in the educational market. Today the University can be distinguished by education focusing on practical aspects of learning. The structure of the University of banking with its centre in Kyiv and institutes in four regions of the country allows incorporating to the education process leading scientists and professionals to guarantee a high level of education.
University of banking of the National Bank of Ukraine (Kyiv) is a member of Magna Charta Universitatum (Bologna, Italy), International Association of Universities (Paris, France), Black Sea Universities Network (Constanta, Romania), International Association of Finance and Economics Educational Institutions (Moscow, Russian Federation), as well as signed UN Global Compact (New York, USA). Our University cooperates with almost 50 foreign educational establishments and financial institutions in 22 countries including National Bank of Poland, Bank PKO BP SA (Warsaw, Poland), Hochschule der Deutschen Bundesbank – University of Applied Sciences (Huchenburg, Germany), University of Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland), Cracow University of Economics (Cracow, Poland), FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management (Essen, Germany), Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnius, Lithuania), Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russian Federation).
University of banking of the National Bank of Ukraine have signed Double Degree Agreements to joint double degree Master’s Programmes with Graduate School of Management in Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) on International Business and Marketing, Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnius, Lithuania) on Financial Markets, FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management (Essen, Germany) on MBA programme of Business Administration, Cracow University of Economics (Cracow, Poland) on Banking and with Baltic International Academy (Riga, Latvia) on Business Management and Administration.
University provides unique opportunities:
- Student exchanges programs with foreign universities;
- Training of pedagogical workers and students abroad;
- Participating in international scientific and educational projects and grants;
- Internship in financial and credit institutions in Poland, German and Czech Republic.
University of banking is Ukrainian first school of economics IV-th level of accreditation, certified according to international standards of quality management system ISO 9001-2000.
education University Banking 02University developes dynamical. Number of specialities are continuously increase. Only during the last academic year it was received 6 licenses (including 5 for the training of new specialties “Business Administration” and ”Financial and Economic Security”).
Since their very first year at the University, students receive high quality practical training in structural departments of the NBU, leading banks, financial institutions, companies, which signed over 200 agreements on cooperation, grants, study visits etc.
University scientific development is provided by:
- Development and implementation of research commissioned by the National Bank and other financial institutions, as well as the initiative scientific papers;
- Organization of international and national scientific conferences , seminars and round tables;
- Preparing and publishing textbooks approved by Ministry of Education of Ukraine, books, articles, theses, including – abroad;
- Increase the scientific potential of employees through training and protection of theses;
- Guide the scientific works of student, use the results in the learning process and in the involvements of young scientists and postgraduate students.
Only 2007-2012 University researchers performed 48 research projects commissioned by 12 Departments of the National Bank of Ukraine and initiative scientific papers commissioned by financial and credit institutions.
Implementation of the results of scientific and research work in the scientific process is organized by modification of lectures, practical and laboratory works, creation of new textbooks and work books. Scientific researches are the basis for student scientific works and Master studies.
During last year’s there were improved 83 scientific disciplines of general economic character (finance, bookkeeping and audit, micro and macro economics, economic security, econometrics, logic) and specialized one (informational systems in audit, analysis of informational systems, financial management in banks, financial monitoring).
The educational establishment publishes professional scientific journals and collections of scientific works called “Visnyk of UB NBU” (“Herald of UB NBU”) and “Financial-Credit Activity: Problems of Theory and Practice” as well as international scientific and practical journal “Finansovyi Prostir” (“Financial Space”). Scientific publications of the University are known and are demand both in Ukraine and abroad.
On 01.10.2013 the labor potential of the University included 1081 persons. The academic staff of the University consists of 414 persons (among them – 59% Phd, 16% - professors). Average year of workers is 44 years.
The main tendencies of the development of labor force of the University are the foolowing:
- Improvement of quality of academic staff (for the last 4 years share of doctors of sciences has risen from 14 to 165, and PhD – from 51 to 59%)
- Continues the professional improvement of the academic staff of the University. In 2012/2013 60 persons of academic staff improved their qualification in high educational establishments abroad, 5 – studies in the Department of the National Bank of Ukraine, 307 persons took part in seminars and conferences and 96 – studied under the program of the system of the National Bank of Ukraine. Balance between the amount of academic staff and students is 1 to 9, and on the MBA program – 1 to 6.
education University Banking 04University staff at the first time in Ukraine as an experiment began training masters in 1.5 year curriculum of the specialty "Banking" , "Finance and Credit", "Accounting and audit", " Economic Cybernetics". In addition, the University is a member of the teaching experiment on distance education for the period 2011-2015, implemented under the Ministry of Education and Science to 50 develop 50 distant e-courses and 43 webinars.
The University is actively developing and expanding range of Master's programs with regard to labor market requirements; forming variable component qualification characteristics, educational and vocational programs, training programs for bachelors and masters (through roundtables with employers, individual consultations with senior staff leading experts banks).
Currently preparing for the Masters by 28 master programs, among which only the last was introduced as follows:
• Financial security management of the bank;
• Crisis management of the bank;
• Marketing of the bank;
• Financial security entities;
• Management of financial institutions;
• Financial and accounting analyst;
• Banking security management.
Innovation Master study programs is provided by close cooperation in the field of business education with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), “Business and Education Alliance”Ltd. by introducing in the educational process applications for business management European Business Competence* Licence (European certificate of business competence). Study is confirmed EBC*L certificate in Ukraine on the basis of examination of the international format for the inspection and verification of knowledge in the specialty and the level of English proficiency. From 2008 to 2012 nearly 500 students attended UB NBU seminars in the frames of European certification program EBC*L and received certificates.
In addition, during the training of MBA program students have the opportunity to training and pass exams to obtain international certificates of the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA), United Kingdom:
- Financial Accountant (DipFA) - International Accountant (Financial Manager), Level 1;
- Financial Accountant Professional (PFA) - International Professional Accountant (Financial Manager), Level 2.
The textbook “Corporate Social Responsibility”(CSR) has been published at the University and it was the first in Ukraine. University of banking initiated the introduction of CSR as a compulsory subject in higher educational establishments as well as the development of the CSR manager professional first qualification characteristic of the professional standard.
University scientists have developed a pilot training course “Financial Literacy” prerared by pedagogical staff of the University. After a successful pilot training of high school pupils, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine approved the studing “Financial Literacy” in secondary schools . Today the course “Financial Literacy” is taught in 450 schools in all regions of Ukraine and Crimea. The University actively participated in writing the strategy of consumer protection and financial services contributed to the development of strategies improve financial literacy in Ukraine.
The University developed a unique two-tier system – a training bank that reflects the full range of movement of money in the banking system with the use of automated banking system “B2” and software system Air “Enigma”. Educational and training bank that reproduces activities of the banking system of Ukraine has been created. Educational training banks, firmsand student credit union “Halychyna” have been successfully working for more than 10 yaers in the regional institutes. Accounting program 1C: Accounting 8.1 and 1C: Accounting 7.7. are used for practical training of students.
University initiated the creation the scientific, educational and industrial complex “Zahidbankosvita” and “Ekonomosvita” that unites the best educational institutions of different levels of accreditation, research institutes, banks and financial institutions.


education University Banking 03


With high-quality training of students and cooperation with employers and customers from 446 graduates Masters 418 graduates employed in 2012, which is 94%. Also Masters continue their studies in doctorate and PhD studies.
The knowledge obtained at the University allows graduates to achieve professional success not only in banks, but also in business, governors structure and and authorities.
Material and technical base of the University – is the complex of scientific and laboratories buildings, student cities (with social and cultural infrastructure, which can host nearly 3000 students and PhD students), libraries’, canteens, sport halls, swimming pool etc. The total area of buildings is more than 126 square meters situated on 19,9 hectares, among them the area of libraries is nearly 2,8 square meters, including 10 reading halls the total area more than 1000 square meters.
At the University 42 sections and health clubs in various sports operate. Youth centers, choreographic company “Extrem”, “Contrasty”, “Komil’fo”, vocal band “Va-bank’, ball-room dance studio “Styl’”, clubs “Journalist” and “Psychology of Personality”, fire theatre “Fire Fest” function at the University.
The University of banking is one of the best economic universities in Ukraine. In the course of the years it has received the acknowledgement in Ukraine as also abroad. In 2010 the University of banking of the National Bank of Ukraine (Kyiv) was awarded with the diploma of European Business Assemble and Socrates Committee in Oxford (Great Britain) in nomination “Best Enterprises” in the field of higher education as innovative, competitive company and Rector of University was awarded the title “Best Manager” in the field of higher education. On the International exhibitions “Education and career”, “Modern Educational Institutions”, “Modern Education in Ukraine”, “Innovation in Modern Education” the University of banking was awarded with the golden medals of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in nomination “International Acknowledgment”, “Innovation in collaboration higher education to the labor market”, ”International cooperation in higher education” etc. According to the magazine “Banker’ University was awarded by “Best University in quality training for banking and finance” and “University- leader in introducing innovative technologies in the learning process”. In 2012 according the national system of rating evaluation of higher education institutions in the nomination “High school economics, finance , management , entrepreneurship” University took 1st place among similar universities that train specialists for the financial and credit system of Ukraine and in 2013 received recognition Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as “Leader in Education of Ukraine”.
University actively promotes the idea of social responsibility. The annual “Action of Hope” is a large scale charity event initiated by students. They have managed to restore a wooden church of the XVII-th century, open rehabilitation room for children with hearing defects, started environmental project to save small rivers of Ukraine, established the first centre of social culture rehabilitation for the people with the vision defects.
University trains citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons residing on the territory of Ukraine on legal grounds, with appropriate educational level and expressed a desire to pursue higher education. Admission to all educational and skill levels is a competition, regardless of funding source. National Bank of Ukraine finance University of banking, therefore tuition fee is less than the average cost of education in Ukraine (for bachelors - $ 1000 per year, for masters - $ 1500 per year).
The University of banking of the National Bank of Ukraine (Kyiv) provides researches, teaching and training using the most of the achievements of the modern national and foreign economic science, and the latest educational technologies are widely applied in the academic process. It pays attention to the quality of various activities to improve the efficiency of research and management. 



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