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Posted on 21 November 2013.
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Almaty Technological University

Rector: Kuralbek Kulazhanov Doctor of Chemistry, Academician



Innovative technology of milk processing


Project manager: Nataliya Vykhrest, Head of the Scientific-research laboratory of laser activation of technological processes


Brief description of the project
Our proposed laser technology of processing of milk has already gone beyond scope of research work.
It passed industrial tests on 6 dairy factories in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan (Bukhara-1995, Shemonaiha - 1999, Abdullino - 2005, Abinsk - 2006, Almaty, Limited partnership "Kaisar-sut" - 2006 , Koyshibek -2008-2013 years).
Currently introduction of this technology on small dairy plant of FMZ "Aukat Obis LTD." LLP «OBIS LTD» (Koyshibek) comes to the end.
Installation of laser modules in two of the most important reference points of the technological line of the milk plant - in the acceptance of milk-raw and circulatory washing of the equipment - changes the course of all technological processes at the milk plant in comparison with the traditional method of the process.
Thanks to the use of cold non-destructive laser action on raw milk this technology advantageously differs from the existing technologies:
• with high efficiency of the technological process in processing of milk,
• at low operating and capital costs,
• simplicity of modernization of technological processes,
• the improvement of the quality of the source of raw milk and the most innovative of it products,
• effective decision of sanitary-hygienic problems of dairies.
Laser processing improves the quality of raw milk products by bacterial contamination note worthily, by the heat resistance – to 1-3 groups, by acidity to 1-30T. This creates the conditions for the production of quality, competitive dairy and sour dairy products, promoting the development of agriculture and food industry.
Laser activation of the raw milk supplied to the plant improves biological value of the received dairy products due to the reduction of the negative effects of thermal processing in the process of pasteurization or sterilization. Thanks to this the products obtained in the industrial conditions in laser technology for milk processing, contains more vitamins and amino acids, than in the products produced according to the traditional technology.
Simply upgrade of process line by laser modules without interrupting production reduces the duration of pasteurization and fermentation, reduces the amount of chemical additives used in the manufacture of dairy products, increases the yield, quality and storage periods of the finished product. Introduction of a laser activation method on dairy plants of the country increases the quality of flushing and disinfection of processing equipment in the dairy production, allowing to save at the same time 65% applied for flushing of caustic soda, reduces the formation of a “dairy stone” on heating surfaces of pasteurizers, increasing their productivity.
This guarantees the quality, safety and increases of storage period of dairy products, reduces the production costs, financial costs of enterprises, increase of their incomes, profitability and environmental safety.




Ambassador of Italy

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with the laser technology


Products dairy


obtained with the laser technology 


Ambassador of Italy to Kazakhstan

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with the laser technology 



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