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Posted on 18 September 2013.
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To inspire marketing strategies which move toward European and Atlantic economic integration, scientific and cultural cooperation, form national leaders, build a civil society and promote democracy, the Socrates Committee has issued awards and ranks which are registered by the Intellectual Property Office (UK):



The main 'SOCRATES INTERNATIONAL AWARD' (reg. # 2349306) is conferred for personal contribution to the intellectual development of today's society and for professional achievements. It is presented in the following nominations: government management, education, science and technology, culture and art, economics and business.




For personal contribution to the development of European integration 'THE UNITED EUROPE' award (reg. # 2367598) has been created.






'EUROPEAN QUALITY' award (reg. # 2351135) is conferred for production of competitive high-quality goods.






Dynamically developing enterprises are awarded 'BEST ENTERPRISE' (reg. # 2401351) with the presentation of the breast sign ‘BEST MANAGER OF THE YEAR' and nominal certification to the Director General. The enterprise will be entered into the All-European register of dynamically developing countries and reliable partners.




The 'QUEEN VICTORIA' (reg. # 2367599), a commemorative medal on a golden pendant, is an exclusive prize for special achievements in professional and public activities which maintain traditional values of virtue, bravery and integrity.





Companies on the ICL register can apply by filling out a registration form and sending it to the Socrates Committee, which will judge all the representations for ICL awards in the ‘economics, science, cultural and governmental' areas.

The citation will be held during the annual Socrates ceremonies in Oxford (UK) or at another ICL event, or its partners' events. In cases of absence, the awards may be delivered to the nominee's address by special courier.



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