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The EBA marketing package includes:


Company Presentation

A great opportunity to demonstrate what a company is about at the forum. Logistics, translation, inviting VIP partners, catering – responsibility of our employees. If necessary, the presentation may include:

          • speech at the forum;
          • company stand at the forum, advertising materials in the participants' package;
          • promotional materials (press release, promotional brochure, catalogue of products or services) ;
          • video and image presentation;
          • production of brand attributes;
          • publicity in regional media;
          • call-centre invitation services;
          • interpreter services;
          • catering;


Hosted Buyers

Special programme of VIP meetings for investment and commercial contracts.

The programme includes:

          • preliminary market analysis
          • preparation for a meeting with potential partners;
          • providing a venue for confidential negotiations
          • lobbying and support of business interests in the country of the non-resident
          • personal English-speaking assistant


B2B meetings

Organisation of professional meetings with potential partners within the forum.

Visits to leading companies

Presentation of the management practices, marketing and investment policies of your foreign business partner greatly enhances professional and organisational capabilities and facilitates your business contacts.


The EBA's legal partner “Blake Lapthorn” is an international firm with 100 partners and a total staff of over 650 which provides a full range of integrated services for organisations and individuals in today's fast-moving business environment.

Being the leading firm in the South East of England with a network of offices in London and across the region - in Southampton, Oxford and Portsmouth - the company offers top quality services to local, national and international clients.


The International Club of Leaders offers a wide range of educational services based on the best European business education programmes, held at of universities which are members of the Club of the Rectors of Europe (CRE -the official educational partner of the ICL).

Publishing projects

Business Voice (Oxford, UK)

Business Voice (Oxford, UK) is a business magazine published twice a year for members of the Thames Chamber of Commerce and the EBA community. It is the main communication vehicle for members, containing information and updates on all areas of the Chamber's activities.

The magazine enjoys a print run of 7,500 copies, 3,100 of which are distributed to Chamber members and other business community stakeholders.




Socrates Almanac

The Socrates Almanac (ISSN 2053-4736)is an annual edition covering the most interesting scientific research, modern teaching methods, promising innovation decisions and financial instruments. The Almanac also includes worldwide university ratings, registers of innovation projects and educational programmes, popular scientific articles and informational, biographical materials and journalists' essays about world famous scientists.




EBA Best Enterprise Achievements

This publication presents rankings of the most successful enterprises of the year and is published annually. It covers the following disciplines:

          • Construction, architecture and design;
          • Transport and logistics;
          • Civic management;
          • Consumer goods;
          • Trade and commerce;
          • Pharmacy and health;
          • Higher education;
          • Hospitality and tourism;
          • Entertainment;
          • Sport and recreation.
          • Market House 
          • Investment projects and proposals for cooperation can be added to the special section 'Business Proposals' of this publication.

Business breakfast in The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group 

The zone of influence of EBA partners in the UK - eight counties, located the Thames Valley – has the largest economic and scientific potential in the country.

Business activity in the region remains high during the whole year. EBA will arrange visits to B2B business events in the various counties of Southern England. EBA can help people join the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and the International Leaders Business Club.




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