Innovated by: Surya Narayana Murthy Kuchimanchi
Academic title, degree: Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Commerce Graduate and Pst Graduation in Marketing & sales Management
Areas of expertise: For Multiple Segment Applications like Agriculture, Pharma & Livestock
Information about contestant:
Born in 21st March 1964 at Coastal Andhra Pradesh and professionally brought up in Hyderabad with commendable multi-disciplinary areas for 22 years in the field of Day to Day management for successful Business House as one of the Promoters and responsible total operations of the Company.
Before entering in to own Business, associated with few reputed and professionally managed Organization to gain Industrial experience for 20 Years and dealing with Government Departments in finalising Government Rate contracts and actively participated in Techno Commercial Negotiations. Gained commendable knowledge in Marketing and key functions of Management activities for over 20 Years of experience along with dealing in Finance, Marketing (supply chain management) activities.
Information about innovation: Commercialization of fermentation technology for production of Calcium Lactate (as Bulk Drug) and Potassium Lactate I Magnesium Lactate and Lactic acid as nutritional formulations for other important segments like Animal Health care and Agricultural segments. Creation of production facilities for other Innovative and eco-friendly Neutraceuticals formulations based on Organic Acids and Chelating Nutrients.Vaishnavi Bio-Tech Limited (VBTL) is one of the Asia's largest Industrial Fermentation establishments in the business of Manufacturing and Marketing of Eco-Friendly Bio Technology products viz., Bulk Drugs, Food Preservatives & Additives, Organic Agri Inputs, Biofertilizers, Animal Health Care (cattle I poultry feed supplements) and other value added products based on Carbohydrates.Vaishnavi Bio-Tech developed innovative process and fermentation technology to produce Calcium Lactate, Potassium Lactate and Lactic acid based on Aerobic fermentation process initially in 5000 liters fermenter scale and later in 15000 liters fermenter scale., with matching downstream process for finished product recoveries.The technology is developed up to 1500 kgs per day capacity based on multiple raw materials which are agricultural source (Carbohydrates from Agri commodities like Corn I broken rice I Wheat besides Pharma grade glucose & Sugar for better viability and financial feasibility, which is unique.
Innovation usefullness: Improved and enhanced bioavailability of Calcium, Zinc and Potassium and other nutrients for Animal Health care and for all Agricultural crops