The Knights of the International Order of Grand Master La Valette

Posted on 26 June 2013.
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The main goal of the Order is to unite prominent politicians, businessmen, scholars and cultural figures who carry out charitable, voluntary or socially significant activities.

Knights of the International Order seal


Those who appreciate lofty human values: honour, loyalty, courage, generosity, mercy, nobility, gallantry. Those who are willing to devote themselves to restoring in society a sense of high spirituality and morality, the inner essence based on the principles of knightly honour, valour and nobility.

Knights of the International Order La Valette diploma and chain


Knighting to the international Knight Order of Grand Master La Valette is to be held in the Chateau d’Aigle (XI century), one of the most majestic castles in Switzerland, or in a similar testament to the age of chivalry.


images depicting knights of the international order


Code of Honour of the Knight Order of Grand Master La Valette

  • The Knight’s Code of Honour is mandatory for all persons of noble origin who call themselves Knights of the Order;
  • Each Knight has an Order, a diploma and a monogram-signet that confirm his noble origin;
  • Knights of the Order are noble and fair in all respects; infused by honour and truth, they will never join together against a single opponent;
  • Knights of the Order are strong, courageous and brave, their shields serve to defend the weak and the oppressed;
  • Knights of the Order never hurt anyone, value friendship and respect worthy opponents;
  • Knights of the Order are kind and merciful to people, always ready to pardon an offender who asks for forgiveness − the one gone astray, but repentant;
  • Knights of the Order are able to exercise self-control, their actions are not motivated by pride or vengeance;
  • Knights of the Order are always gallant with Dames;
  • Ignorance of the Knight’s Code of Honour is not a circumstance that will mitigate guilt of perfidious people who derogate from its regulations.


Events and Entertainment

Members of the Order attend a wide range of cultural and social events in the course of year.

Such events include business meetings, receptions, society occasions, conferences, summits, congresses, banquets with prominent people and musical gatherings, as well as the inauguration of new members of the Order in suitably historic locations.



Membership of the Order is open to politicians and persons outside politics, to men and women, regardless of their faith.

The Order is a society of noble people, wherein the charitable and patronly aspirations of each one will be an example for all.

The Order collaborates with other Orders all over the world which encourages the generation of new ideas and projects seeking to raise social standards of life, and supports individual exponents of modern best practice.

The Order is wholly sovereign and is associated with the honourable traditions of Knight Orders the world over.


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