The Socrates Almanac ‘Science and Education: Oxford Review’

Posted on 05 June 2013.
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The Socrates Almanac ‘Science and Education: Oxford Review’ (ISSN 2053-4736) – an annual publication of the most important and interesting research into science and education, including modern educational programmes and advanced methods of teaching, promising innovative solutions, and financing mechanisms. Among the participants of the project are rectors of leading European universities, heads of scientific research institutions, industrialists, and business people.


The publication contains popular scientific articles, informative and biographical material, and journalistic essays that describe the best representatives of the business, scientific and creative circles of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, UAE, Nigeria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, and other countries.


Presentations of the almanac will be held in the framework of a representative congress in Oxford, London, Montreux, Vienna, Valletta, Moscow, and Kiev, among others. The edition will be presented in the library collections of parliaments and ministries, major universities, embassies, and EBA trade missions.


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