About the International Competition 'Innovative City of the Future'

Posted on 25 November 2013.
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The purpose of the contest

The international 'Innovative City of the Future' competition will be held at the London summit of Leaders entitled 'Rapid urbanisation: economy, society, management' 15th -17th April 2014, Institute of Directors, London). The competition highlights, to the business community, the problems associated with urbanisation and uncovers the leaders in the fields of urban planning, architecture and design, ecology and urban environment.


Main tasks: finding innovative solutions to improve urban life, their integrated development, attracting the attention of investors and suppliers to progressive ideas in the field of architecture and design.

Projects in different sectors of construction will be examined in order to create a database of the best designers and developers. Projects will also be certified as modern architecture / design solutions in the mode of the 'Innovative City of the Future' competition.

The first stage - international competition between cities - determines the most innovative, dynamic city, with high investment and tourism potential, attractive image.

The second stage considers projects of various types of construction in order to create a database of the best designers and developers, as well as certified modern architecture-design decisions made during the development of projects for the 'Innovative City of the Future.'


Patrons of the competition:

The Programme Committee of the London Summit Leaders Club International Leadership (ICL), and the Socratic Committee (Oxford, UK).


Expert advice:

John Netting

CEO of the Europe Business Assembly, United Kingdom;



Paul Briggs

President of the International Club Leadership (ICL) and executive director of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, UK;


Wil Goodheer

President of the Club of the Rectors of Europe (CRE), PhD, Austria.



Christina Howell

Director of External Relations, Department of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, UK



Frequency: annual

Summing up: the London Summit of Leaders 'Rapid Urbanisation: Economy, Society, Management' event (15th - 17th April 2014, London, UK)



        1. City of the future:
          - innovative approaches
          - commercial city
          - maritime city
          - city of art
          - сity of the national traditions
          - city of culinary skill
          - city of entertainment
          - historic city
          - city of wine 
          Special nominations:
          - national traditions
          - culinary skill
          - wine
          - fashion
          - museums
          - sun and sea
        2. Best construction company (in the field of urban planning)
        3. Best architect of the year
        4. Best innovative building product of the year
        5. The best construction project of the year
        6. Best design - project:

    - integrated development within the city

    - traffic intersections in the city

    - reconstruction of built-up areas

    - in the field of information lifelines of the city

    - landscaping

    - preservation of cultural heritage

    - advertising in a big city



To participate in the competition you should submit application forms via the competition commission committee's online forum (applications are open until 15th March 2014).


Judging procedure

The Council of the International Club of Leaders (ICL) publishes applicant information in the annual Socrates Almanac on the internet - the organiser of the competition. Winners are evaluated by free online voting (on the contest organiser's site) by construction companies, architects, designers, engineering and architectural firms and other interested persons, press publications and esteemed professional experts.


The order of the announcement of results and award winners

The winners of the contest will be featured on the organiser's online resources as well as in the annual Socrates Almanac Collection of articles ‘ Scientific articles and publications’. London Review, the catalogue of the London Summit of Leaders. The winners can exhibit their projects at the Summit of Leaders of London session (15th -17th April, 2014) and will be awarded with certificates, as well as special prizes and recognition.


Sponsors of competition

The Organising Committee has developed special partner programmes for sponsors of the contest and individual categories.


Alexandra Ferguson, event manager
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
telephone: +44 (0) 1865 251 211


Download Competition Entry Form.


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