Rankings 'Best Enterprises. Achievements. 2013'

Posted on 20 March 2013.
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The European business community needs capable mergers and acquisitions partners to develop new business areas. Those partners should display flexibility in management, technological solutions, professional competency and possess excellent reputations. 


The group of EBA think tanks has been monitoring emerging markets since 2000. EBA experts annually determine the leading specialised regional companies from the African Union, the League of Arab States, BRICS, the CIS and other geopolitical entities. The marketing project 'EBA. Best Enterprises. Achievements. 2014' helps European managers identify investment priorities to their colleagues from other countries.


EBA provides an electronic version of the certificate, confirming the participation of the company in the trade register of EBA by request. The certificate is valid for one year after the research has been performed. Nominated companies can use this for promotion (public information, advertising, PR-and exhibitions, media, video presentations, etc.).


The best national and regional companies will be presented to European business partners at the annual Summits of Leaders in London, Oxford, Vienna, Geneva, Malta, Stresa, Frankfurt, Vilnius, Moscow, and Kiev.


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