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Posted on 07 August 2014.
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Photo: Medical University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

EBA University facility
of The Week

The Leaders Times magazine keeps our readers informed of the latest news within the EBA Community and highlights achievements and outstanding projects of our members. This week we are delighted to present a story about the Library at the Medical University, Plovdiv Bulgaria.    

The library is a contemporary European facility with nearly 70 years of history and thousands of users.

At present the Centre holds over 170,000 books and volumes in its collections, in Bulgarian and several foreign languages, in all fields of Medical Science. The unique “Scientific Heritage of Medical University - Plovdiv” collection is one of them. It preserves editions of works by authors from Medical University - Plovdiv and makes their scientific achievements accessible for users worldwide.

The Library and Information Centre activities sustain the international exchange of knowledge and ideas. The library circulates the University scientific journal, Folia Medica, by carrying out international exchange with 95 institutions in 32 countries.
A significant mission of the University Library is to form key IT competencies. For more than 10 years the Library has been developing and applying group and individual student and doctoral training programmes aimed at acquiring knowledge, skills and experience to guarantee higher quality of education and successful scientific development.

In 2013 Medical University - Plovdiv implemented a wide-ranging EU project for building an accessible, cost-effective and energy-efficient infrastructure including overall modernization of the Library and Information Centre.
The comfortable and functional library environment facilitates reading, working in teams, group studies and multimedia presentations. Equal access to education, resources and services is ensured for persons with mobility and visual impairments. Library services are carried out by an automated library system that integrates the newly introduced RFID technology.

The use of up-to-date information technologies allows quick and easy access to electronic resources. There is a 24/7 access to the licensed scientific digital libraries of the leading information companies Elsevier, Thomson Reuters, Springer, EBSCO, Wiley, Emerald, etc., including access within the University network and remote access. The digitization of editions from the library collections makes their use more effective and extensive, and contributes to sustainable preservation of the European Literary Heritage.

The Library is open for external visitors. It provides public access to computers and the Internet, including wireless internet access within the specified Wi-Fi hotspots. The Library is part of the Catalogue of the Libraries of Bulgarian Universities providing electronic metadata that are shared with users.
The skilled library staff are motivated to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing international information environment and the expectations of the increasing number of foreign users, such as undergraduate students, PhD students, teachers and researchers.

The combination of extensive printed and electronic book collections and attractive library environment, as well as the use of information technologies for training of users and expansion of the access to resources and services, define the Library as a key information mediator and a valuable tool for achieving the European strategic goals and programs.

In pursuit of its mission, the Library creates and develops multi-directional connections between students and teachers, users and knowledge, science and innovations, past and future, Bulgaria and the world.

For more information about the University and its facilities visit
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