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Posted on 23 October 2014.
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Leader of The Week

Mr Mishra

Mr Mishra judging an embroidery competition.

Mr. J.N Mishra was born on October 1st 1938 in the village of Allahabad, land of Hindu religion and philosophy, also known as the world famous ‘Kumbh Mela’ Sangam confluence of rivers (Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati). He grew up in an environment of immense political upheaval and social transformation, as the Indian freedom movement had gathered momentum culminating in India gaining her Independence in the year 1947. There was a drive to stress the importance of education among the citizens of the newly independent India, especially among the youth in her villages.  

This post-independence period fashioned the thought process of a young JN Mishra, who found his icons in two of India’s greatest leaders in the modern era. The magnetism of Jawahar Lal Nehru, tempered by the selfless ideals of Mahatma Gandhi.  From a very austere start and meagre resources he imparted himself with the finest of knowledge and learning  whilst working to make both ends meet, not only to support his family, but to also to fulfil his dreams of doing  exceedingly well at his studies.

His constant perseverance and hard work yielded him with fruitful results, and from a small rural makeshift school with a thatched roof he went on to study at Allahabad University - one of the most prestigious Universities - and from there on there was no stopping his aspirations. 

He joined the very esteemed Provincial Civil service at the State level in 1963 and was promoted joining the Government of India at Central level in 1973, the Ministry of Shipping, Transport and Railways, and it was during this period under the tutelage of late Mr Kamla Pati Tripathi, a very famous social activist and philanthropist, he went on to achieve excellence in public service.

Driven by the need to give something back to the society in order to provide ample opportunity to the rural youth the best of education and learning, he joined Congress Party in 1977, and under the guidance late Mrs Indira Gandhi, the Iron lady of India, his career in Public Service crossed many more milestones.
Mr Mishra always believed in the power of knowledge and education by virtue of which he was instrumental in his success and achievements. In order to contribute further to this noble cause he formed the G.D.  MEMORIAL TRUST which vowed to create opportunities for men and women both in the field of education establishing that it should be easily accessible and also economically affordable and beneficial.  The foundation for a degree college was laid in 1996 with lots of goodwill and blessings and it culminated into Nehru Gram Bharti University in 2008.

It is still his constant endeavour to strive for excellence in the field of Education, creating ample opportunities for the rural youth in order to equip and empower them for better an understanding and a brighter future, enabling a stronger nation as the young are the backbone of a Nation.

Mr Mishra presenting his topic on "Education in Rural Areas and its Challenges" at the Europe Business Assembly's Oxford Summit of Leaders, 13-14th October 2015 (Oxford, UK)

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