Director General John Netting's Trip to Near East University Cyprus

Posted on 28 October 2014.
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Director General John Netting's Trip

to Near East University Cyprus

On September 26th, the Europe Business Assembly’s Director General, John Netting, toured the Near East University and Hospital in Cyprus. The University was established in 1988 and offers a wide range of higher educational courses and qualifications internationally. The site, home to 23,000 students, shows a dynamic range of facilities ranging from laboratories, workshops, cultural centres, as well as a variety of sports facilities: including their very own Olympic size swimming pool.

Working in an international environment the university succeeds in establishing an atmosphere equipped to assist the flourishing intellectual minds of its students, striving to nurture confident, responsible, rational, and liberal minded individuals who will offer vital contributions to their nations and countries. As Mr. Netting states, ‘The university itself is probably one of the most modern and advanced that I have seen anywhere in the world with a wide range of academic studies.’ He continues, ‘Amazingly it was only founded 25 years ago but its growth and its facilities are breath-taking, as is the wide range of students from 98 countries that study there.’

Mr Netting's Lecture was well received by 200 Staff and Students at the Near East University Cyprus.

General Director Mr. John Netting giving his lecture on 'Quality, Learning, and The Future.'

Mr Netting conducted a seminar during his visit to a lecture theatre of around 200 staff and students. Based upon ‘Quality, Learning and the Future’, Mr Netting put forward his comment and expertise on the future of international learning and what it should strive to achieve. On giving the lecture, Mr Netting was presented with a commemorative plate to honour his visit on the occasion of their 25th anniversary. Mr Netting states that Near East University ‘is definitely a university to watch and admire as it grows into the future.’

 Following the university tour and seminar, Mr Netting was given a tour of Kyrenia old harbour and attended dinner with the founding university rector, Dr Suat Gunsel, and the deputy founding rector, Mr Tumer Garip. He quotes that ‘the trip was enjoyable experience’ and that he ‘learned a lot about the history of northern Cyprus.’

General Director Mr. John Netting being presented with a commemorative plate to honour his visit on the 25th anniversary of the University.


The Socrates Almanac

The Socrates Almanac has been printed. The Journal was presented at the Oxford Summit of Leaders, 'Science and Education: Innovative Models of Development', on the 12-15th of October 2014. The Europe Business Assembly would like to thank everyone who contributed material to the Socrates Almanac as your participation is what makes this edition unique.
If you wish to participate in the next edition of the Socrates Almanac, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit our website,


The Oxford Summit of Leaders: Science and Education 2014

Director General John Netting moderating the Oxford Summit of Leaders: Science and Education, University of the Future presentations.

The Summits key note speaker Baroness Susan Greenfield with her new book Mind Change.

This year the Oxford Summit of Leaders showed our largest range of participants yet with attendees from over 30 countries. It began on the Sunday evening with a historical tour of the Oxford area followed by a reception hosted by the Europe Business Assembly at the world renowned Randolph Hotel, featuring a welcome speech by Director General John Netting.  The event also the presented the newly published Socrates Almanac – the annually published journal of the most important educational research and business innovation of the year. It also features publications from select summit participants.

Following this, Monday saw a day jam-packed with many distinguished guests and speakers presenting at the event. The distinguished speakers included Baroness Susan Greenfield author of Mind Change giving her presentation on research about ‘The Brain of The Future: The Changing Impact of the 21st Century University’: Professor Garry Jacobs discussed ‘The University of the Future: Catalyst for Social Development and Evolution’ highlighting the importance of modern higher education and Ricky Sidhu, a Blake Morgan associate evaluating the ‘Education Industry: How to protect your intellectual property in the UK.’ After stimulating an intellectual question and answer session, the day saw Director General John Netting announce the signing of the memorandum for the creation of the Oxford Academic Union. He highlighted its vision and aims to support the integration and coordination of educational institutions and scientific research institutes to enhance and improve educational research and its methods, as well as educational and cultural activities. The signing was ongoing throughout the event and the document will held at the head office in Oxford as a highly important historical document of contemporary educational spheres.

Following this, Monday continued to explore the development of new and innovative educational institutions and teaching methods, featuring speakers such as Prof. AbdulSattar Al-Alusi, Prof. Dr. Buket Akkoyunlu, Prof Elisabeta Olarinde, and many more. 

Above left: The signing of The Oxford Academic Union Memorandum.
Above right: All signing members of The Oxford Academic Union Memorandum.

The break for lunch saw a vibrant and active matchmaking session assisting companies to connect with international business partners and investors before moving on to our final presentations of the day from the ‘TOP Regional Universities Participants’.
Tuesday continued to show a vibrant interactive atmosphere by beginning with our second matchmaking session of the event, continuing to further develop new networking ties between summit participants. Next the summit continued to showcase the ‘TOP Regional Universities’’ participants and saw a wide range of educational institutions and the important work that they do in creating the next generation of academics as well as continuing to stimulate and develop those who already excel in their fields. To end the day Director General John Netting closed the event by presenting the certificates and diplomas to the winners of the international ‘Science and Education: University of the Future’ competition, celebrating those who have excelled in their fields.

Tuesday afternoon featured a coordinated business meeting with the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce (Oxford, UK) featuring Executive Director Paul Briggs and Christina Howell to moderate the session. The session looked to promote the ties between businesses creating discussion between innovative ideas before presenting EBA’s new project, ‘The Prime Business Destinations’, which looks to connect and expand business worldwide with support from EBA, creating highly acclaimed recognition for areas which show business promise in the modern day.

The final event of the summit was the Gala dinner a traditional banquet with musical entertainment and dance traditional to the UK. The Gala dinner was host to the Socrates Award Ceremony, the formal presentation of the Socrates Awards 2014, which included distinguished figures of business, science, and culture being awarded for their professional achievements and personal contributions to the development of human potential, livelihood and economic prosperity. 

Top left: The prestigious 'Best Enterprise award'. Top right: The Business meeting moderated by Paul Briggs and Christina Howell from the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and Ivan Savvov presenting EBA's new venture 'The Prime Business Destinations'. Above: All the  award winners of the Socrates Award Ceremony 2014.


EBA's New Year's activities 29-31 December 2014

Vienna is more beautiful every New Year’s Eve. The whole capital glitters with festive lights and in front of its town hall, a 30-metre Christmas tree will be decked and glowing with warm, bright colors. Maria Theresia Square, home of the traditional `Christmas Village’, where many treasures can be found, will treat visitors to Austrian music by live musicians and bands playing a variety of styles from Gospel to musicals. The warmth and glow of this spirit will be carried forward to our exciting New Year’s Eve highlights: the Europe Business Assembly Reception and Socrates Awards Night at the Palavicini Palace, our Grand New Year’s Ball and the Silvester New Year’s Ball at the Austrian emperor’s residence, The Hofburg.

During the traditional Socrates Awards Night most highly esteemed and recognized international politicians, businessmen and scientists will receive prestigious awards and diplomas.

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