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Posted on 04 November 2014.
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Technology of The Week:

Biomass: The Energy of the Future


The EcoHORNET technology will accelerate the production of heat and electricity from biomass as an alternative source for the sustainable development of rural and urban areas by the conversion of biomass: rubbish; vegetable, agricultural, forest, silvicultural, agrozootechnical debris and waste; selection of combustible household waste, energy crops, wood chop, especially of degraded and dry wood from forests and uncultivated land, even those with a high content of silica, sawdust or mixed etc., granulated by compaction in the form of pellets, clean, odourless, nontoxic, unalterable granules, in the cheapest and cleanest heat and power energy, using very high performance equipment, licensed under the ecoHORNET brand, manufactured in Romania by S.C. Ecohornet S.R.L.

After 44 years of experience gained in the field of inventions and innovation, in 2002, we declared war to pollution and polluters, which are destroying the flora and fauna, and implicitly, the Earth.

The WEAPON we chose is the planet's greatest treasure, the biomass, the renewable and inexhaustible source of energy of our ancestors, and now of our descendants, too.

            This type of fuel granulated by compaction in the form of pellets allows full automation, operational safety, comfort and ease of use.


An ecoHORNET exhibition

Opening of the new factory.

Luliean Hornet: Inventor of ecoHORNET

The indisputable proof of the performance of the ecoHORNET technology of biomass combustion by incineration at over 1250˚C and of ecoHORNET equipment is their certification by the Bucharest Technical University of Civil Engineering - Faculty of Installation Engineering and by S.C. INSTALTENERG CERT  S.R.L. Bucharest (laboratory accredited at European level, RENAR).

The use on a global scale of the ecoHORNET technology creates the prerequisites of a sustainable and profitable growth, creating millions of jobs and putting into motion industry, agriculture, transport and services.

Replacing fossil fuels used to produce heat, cogeneration and trigeneration with the ecoHORNET technology and equipment, greenhouse emissions are reduced 4 to 10 times, and costs of heat production, 2 to 15 times.

Do not burn the waste (2 kg pellets ± 1 cubic meter gas, 1 litre of diesel fuel, 4 kg wood), do not cut the forest. The energy is in your household, on your land, surrounding you everywhere, is cheap and environmentally friendly.


Author: Iuliean HORNEŢ, inventor

S.C. Ecohornet S.R.L. Romania


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