Registration. Oxford Summit of Leaders. 12-15 October 2014

Posted on 15 August 2013.
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If you want to apply for Oxford Summit of Leaders ‘Science and Education’ please send us your contact details and Event Manager will contact you for accreditation. Fields marked with * are required. 

Contact Person (Full name)*


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Participation in the programme of the Oxford Summit of Leaders ‘Science and Education’ *

 650 pounds sterling (early registration before May 1st, 2014)
 850 pounds sterling (late registration after May 1st, 2014)


Options (mark the desired)
 Membership in the Oxford Club of Rectors
 Participation in the project ‘Lecturers’ Bureau’
 Participation in the project ‘ Club of Rectors’ Lounge’ (for Oxford Club of Rectors members)
 Participation in express exhibition ‘Oxford Fair’, online exhibition on EBA website
 Participation in the conference section /presentation panel
 Placing scientific article/advertising information in Socrates Almanac ‘Core Issues and Solutions in Science and Education 2014’
 Participation in Socrates Award Ceremony (for competition winners and candidatures approved by EBA Nomination Committee)

 Sponsorship opportunities


 Advertising and branding services


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