Rules for authors who publish their materials in the Socrates Almanac 2013

Posted on 19 August 2013.
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The Socrates Almanac 2013 lists details of scientific researchers and institutions around the world.


For scientists biographical details must include the following information:

        • Name, academic status, PhD, scientific works and interests, membership of scientific academies/institutions, region (city and country).
        •  Education, date of graduation, postgraduate studies, obtaining of academic status, branch of ​​activity, current employment and office held.


For public, governmental or academic activities details can include any of the following:

        •   Achievements, scientific interests, number of scientifically trained people (Academics and PhD in different fields, alumni, students, etc.), number of scientific papers, patents, invention certificates, diplomas, grants, awards, etc.


For a scientific article, discovery, idea or invention please provide the following:

        •   An abstract of the article, discovery, idea or invention (maximum of 500 characters including spaces), including the author’s name and a link or indication of where readers may view the full version.


For universities, research institutes and scientific academies it is necessary to provide the following:

        • The organization’s full title, precise location and logo.


A photo of the building and/or a photo of the head of the organization. Please note: thephoto must be provided in *.jpg or *.tiff format, size: 480x640 px (~ 55x40 mm); the photo must be supplied in a separate file from your MS Word document.


Topiсs of articles and publications

        • Information material about educational institution
        • Biographical article
        • Scientific article
        • Scientific discovery
        • Idea
        • Invention


Information content

        • Standard informational unit750 symbols
        • Annotation, scientific article, scientific discovery, idea, invention – 500 symbols
        • Information on ¼ A4 page format – 1000 symbols
        • Information on ½ A4 page format – 1500 symbols
        • Information on A4 page format – 3000 symbols
        • Information on centerfold – 6000 symbols
        • Advertising page


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