Swiss Summit of Leaders. Health and Wellness Tourism. 2013

Posted on 20 January 2014.
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Montreux-2013 photo report30 June – 2 July 2013, Montreux, Switzerland

The Swiss Summit of Leaders was held in one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland – Montreux between June 30th and July 2nd, 2013. The summit was dedicated to health care and wellness tourism.


Forum gathered government officials, industrialists, entrepreneurs, scientists from different countries and continents: the United Kingdom (UK), Switzerland, Romania, Belgium, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Albania, Turkey, Chile, Malaysia, South Africa, Sierra Leone, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Ghana, Angola, Qatar, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos.

Forum gathered government officials, industrialists, entrepreneurs, scientists from different countries and continents.


The main activities of the summit were held on July 1st, 2013 in the conference hall of the best city hotel – the old Fairmont Le Montreux Palace. Plenary session was opened by the Chairman – Founder of the World Council of Health Tourism Emin Cakmak (Turkey), who introduced the aspects of the forum.


The keynote speech was delivered by Dr Iain B. McIntosh, BA (Hons), MB ChB, Founder member, and Honourary Fellow of the British Global and Travel Health Association, UK. He reported about the opportunities and the specifics of medical tourism in the world today.


The moderator of the plenary session was the CEO of Europe Business Assembly John Netting.


Intense interest among the participants was arisen by the specialized investment panels in the course of which the Summit participants could share their achievements in the professional activities and discuss future trends of possibilities for cooperation.


In the framework of Investment Panel №1 two sections were carried out.


The first one was dedicated to the theme `New world travel destinations and resorts: city planning and building, infrastructure, tourist attraction`. The best companies of world rating ‘EBA Best Enterprises and Achievements 2013’ presented their potential and achievements. The moderator of the section was Dr. Iain B. McIntosh.


Speeches in the framework of the second section `Presentation of companies involved in the financing of recreation and social projects, tourism, sport and entertainment` called lively interest among the Summit participants. The moderator of the section was Heinz Wehrle, Managing Partner, Horwath HTL, Switzerland.


Investment Panel №2 ‘Medical and wellness tourism: clinics, spas and health resorts. Medical programmes. Diet and Healthy Nutrition’. Participants’ presentations became a platform for lively dialogue and constructive solutions.


Business meeting with Michael Derrer, Director General of Ascent Swiss Business Management AG (Switzerland) and Director of the Swiss Institute of Quality Standards (SIQS) was carried out in the afternoon. The main aims of the meeting were the following: mutual dialogue and consultation, discussion of Swiss companies’ interest in international cooperation, review of the certification production procedure, participants’ presentations, awarding the laureates – successful companies with SIQS quality certificates.


Socrates Ceremony was held in the end of the day. The winners were awarded with European awards ‘International Socrates Award’, ‘Queen Victoria’, ‘Best City’, ‘Best Enterprise’, ‘Best University’, ‘European Quality’, ‘The Name in Science’ and new members were welcomed to the Knight Order of Grand Master La Valette, International officer corps, International Club of Leaders.


More than 150 participants from 30 countries around the world took part at the event. Best healthcare companies received recognition with EBA prestigious awards.


Evening celebration with banquet, Swiss musical entertainment and a photo session completed the ceremony. All participants were invited to enjoy excellent cuisine, the masterpieces of classical music, warm and friendly atmosphere of the evening.


The participants of the forum had the opportunity to attend the excursion on July, 2. The acquaintance with historical and natural attractions of Geneva impressed attendants greatly.


The participants noted excellent organization of the Summit and undoubted benefits for further development and international cooperation.




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