Summit of Leaders. London, UK. 15–17 April, 2014

Posted on 21 August 2013.
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London Summit of Leaders

'Rapid Urbanization: Economy, Society, Management'
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Our cities are expanding – urbanization is accelerating. The economic power of cities is growing. But is the quality of urban planning and management increasing? Are standards of living for the urban population growing? These are crucial questions.


The London Summit of Leaders, which is traditionally held at the British Institute of Directors and this year takes place on 15–17 April 2014, will consider the complex issues related to the management of cities in terms of accelerating urbanization. During the plenary sessions, scientific conferences, debates and round tables, scientists, experts, investors and city managers from around the world will share their best practices, developed from scientifically based approaches to the formation of a model of optimal management for modern cities in 2050. 

Of special interest at the forum will be the showcase of urban planning design projects, and the winners of the international ‘Innovative City of the future’ contest.




WELCOME COCKTAIL with Richard Parlour, Principal of Finance Markets Law International, UK 



The plenary sessions will focus on the questions in organization of effective management of a modern city in condition of urbanization and competitive development projects in the field of urban planning. 

          • SCIENCE CONFERENCE  ‘Integrated strategic management, project and programme management of business and urban development’.
          • DEBATES 1: ‘Urbanization: Economic good or social cataclysm?’
          • DEBATES 2: ‘City of the future: Innovative methods for effective governance’



Socrates Award Ceremony - solemn ceremony, presentation of Socrates Prizes 2014 in the field of construction and urban planning to construction companies, building material production companies, architectural firms, engineering and research institutions, commercial organisations, architects and designers



The investment sessions include presentations from potential investors, businessmen, scientists, authors of innovative technologies on the specific experience of management solutions on problems of urbanization, offer investment projects for area economic development, environmental safety programmes, creating comfortable living conditions.
It will also feature the best design projects in the field of urban planning. 

          • INVESTMENT PANEL No. 1: ‘City finance: how to make a city rich’
          • INVESTMENT PANEL No. 2: ‘City development: housing, water supply, sewage treatment, and transportation logistics’
          • INVESTMENT PANEL No. 3: ‘Urban ecology: quality of the urban environment’


PRESENTATION ( exclusive to EBA members) of interactive discussion platform for scientists and businessmen ‘ Leaders Network’


INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: ‘Innovative city of the future’.


TOUR OF LONDON, the business capital of the world


Investiture of new members to the International Club of Leaders. Welcome speech by Paul Briggs, President of ICL.


PRESENTATION of certificates to the winners of the International competition of architecture and design - project 'Innovative city of the future'.


Closing of the Summit. Closing speech by John Netting, CEO, Europe Business Assembly, UK


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