List of Participants. Kyiv Investment Summit ‘Ukraine. Investment priorities: economy, science, culture’. 16 June 2014, Kiev Ukraine

Posted on 02 June 2014.
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Alexander Kravchenko, Head of Logistics Service SUAB Herald, Ukraine

Alexander Malev, director of emergency SPF ‘Imex himhrup’, Ukraine

Alexander Nikishev, managing partner of ‘Investor Relations Agency’, Ukraine

Alexey Oleynikov, founder of the investment company InVenture Investment Group, Ukraine

Andrus Haysris, director of consulting company ‘Andrus & Co’, Lithuania

Anton Savvov, Co-Founder of the International Club of Leaders, Ukraine

Berkovskii Alexander, head of 'News & Disclosure’ EQS Group, Russian Federation

Deputy Head of Odessa Regional State Administration, Ukraine

Dmitry Borisov, Director of the State Budget Institution ‘Kyiv City Center for Investment and Development’, Ukraine

Elena Semyorkina, Head of State Registration Service of Ukraine, Ukraine

Heinz Wehrle, managing partner of ‘Horwath HTL’, Switzerland

Irina Mirochnik, President of 'Ukrplastik’, Ukraine

Ivan Savvov, Director of External Affairs EBA

John W.A. Netting, Director General, Europe Business Assembly, Official representative of Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, UK

Katherina Andronova, Director of Business Development ‘Thalasso Resort Sovinyon’, Ukraine

Larissa Sachkova, Founder, CEO ‘Thalasso Resort Sovinyon’, Ukraine

Lydia Shynkaruk , Dr. Corr. Nano Head. Department of economic growth and structural changes in the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine ), Ukraine

Mauritsyo Carnevali, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Italy in Ukraine,  Italy

Michael Derrer, Owner and CEO of Ascent Swiss Business Management AG, Switzerland

Natalia Skrypchenko, chairman of the district council Tomakivsky Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine

Nikolai Ushakov, deputy director of the State budget institution ‘Kyiv City Center for Investment and Development’, Ukraine

Roman Ozymko, specialist Relations Investor Investment Holding ‘Pro Capital Group’, Ukraine

Sergey Ivashchenko, director of information and software SUAB, Ukraine

Sergey Yevtushenko , Chairman of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine, Ukraine

Svetlana Shorokhova, head of innovation and investment development department Tomakivsky District Council, Ukraine

Tatiana Riabokin, chief accountant of ‘Ukrplastik’, Ukraine

Valentine Tihonenko, Chairman of the Union of specialists and experts in quality, CEO EKTTS ‘VAT’, Ph.D., Ukraine

Yevgeniya Volinets, Director of Foreign Economic Activity and European Integration Odessa Regional State Administration, Ukraine


Author: Serge

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